WE-ER® Hose Fittings

Depending on their design, WE-ER® hose fittings can be used for connecting hoses with hoses as well as for connecting hoses to stations or machinery. They are suitable for compressed air, water and gas applications. A separate hose binding is not required.

Hose assembly can be done quickly and easily without additional tools. The hose being simply slipped on the fitting, bracing is performed by the clamp. The spring tension is rated in a way providing a perfect leak-proof clamping. No additional sealing is required, as – by means of clamping – the hoses themselves function as seals. In the unlikely event that a hose tears off, the risk of injuries is low, as there are no steel parts attached to the undone hose end.

Sealing is done radially by the hose itself, thus preventing leakages that often occur on front-end seals. There are no pressure losses on the coupling, thus resulting in significant cost savings during operation.

Due to the rationalisation effect resulting from easy handling and perfect sealing, considerable savings in labour and operational running cost can be achieved.