WE-ER® Hydraulic Hose Fittings

WE-ER® hydraulic hose fittings consist of three components: nozzle, crimp sleeve and adaptor. Mounting starts with cutting the hose and stripping off the hose end cover. The loose nozzle is to be inserted into the hose, then the crimp sleeve to be slid over. Design of both nozzle and crimp sleeve assures their perfect final position. The following radial clenching of the nozzle results in a solid, leak-tight hose embedding. The adaptor with the desired connection such as external thread with cutting ring cone or union nut with sealing cone is to be screwed in afterwards. The adaptor contains a sealing ring; its design permits a perfect screwing in up to a pre-determined point, thus ensuring absolute leak-tightness of the connection. An additional fixing of the adaptor with glue is also possible.

Due to this design a hose embedding is possible without determination of the connection type, and the respective connection can be chosen quickly by screwing the adaptor into the pre-bound hose. Also leak tests on the pre-bound hose can thus be simplified, as the joint without adaptor is always the same and therefore only one test connection is required.

A major advantage of the WE-ER® hydraulic hose fitting compared to usual hydraulic clamps is: affecting forces are removed from the weakest part of the connection – the clamp part. Breaks or scratches on the hose and resulting leaks due to high strains and bending stresses are thus avoided. As the axial traction is removed from the nozzle, the WE-ER® hydraulic hose fitting is also suitable for high pressures.