WE-ER® Fittings for maximum pressure hoses (WE-ER® plug-type coupling)

Depending on pressure resistance of the hoses applied, WE-ER® fittings for maximum pressure hoses can be used for operation pressures of more than 200 bar.

It comprises three components: plug nipple with hose clamping piece, inner part with attached clamp; the hose being firmly joined to the plug nipple by the clamping piece. Pushing the plug nipple onto the sliding fit of the inner part and subsequent laying around of the clamp results in a leak-proof and safe connection. A suitable sealing ring (O-ring) achieves the leak-tightness required. In case of particularly high strains an additional back-up ring can be included on demand. The clamp engages both parts in axial direction; its spring tension has been calculated to prevent the clamp from re-opening during operation. The inner part has a sliding fit on one side and a connection piece such as inside and outside threads, cutting ring cone or hose plug piece on the other. A retaining ring holds the clamp on the inner part of the coupling, thus preventing its loss on the one hand and permitting an easy replacement in wear cases. Complete maximum pressure hose assemblies can also be supplied.

Its compact construction makes the coupling appropriate even for heavy-duty operation, quick coupling and demounting result in considerable labour cost savings. There are no loose parts that might get lost and no additional tools are required for assembly. By choice of construction type like connection type, material and sealing ring  the coupling can be customized to particular requirements and used for multi-purpose applications.