Weinhold® Steam Union

The Weinhold® steam union has been developed particularly for steam applications, but can of course also be used for other fluids. It typically serves as connection coupling on Weinhold®  steam valves or Weinhold® steam pistols and is suitable for temperatures up to 210°C.

The Weinhold® steam union is equipped with a cylindrical sealing seat including a radial seal, preventing the escape of steam in case the connection slightly loosens, which is the risk of front-side seals; thus reducing the risk of burns to the operators.

The union consists of three parts: threaded piece, sealing head and union nut. The actual screw-joint has a conical thread that absorbs the axial pressure and ensures easy handling by hand. A protection against torsions on the inner parts and the union nut friction ring protects against self-loosening of the connection due to torsion forces. Depending on particular applications of the customer, the three coupling parts are available in a variety of materials, e.g. stainless steel,  carbon  steel or non-ferrous metals. Material of sealing rings corresponds to fluid and operating conditions, for steam applications viton sealing rings are mounted.

The Weinhold® steam union can be supplied with diverse connections such as flanges, internal and external threads and welding ends. In order to mount them to hoses, we particularly recommend our WE-ER® hose fitting or our WE-ER® two-jaw band fitting. Dust caps made of plastic material or stainless steel are available for thread protection or closing purposes in open condition. Shutting and reversal pieces complement the offer range.

A variant with pressure release allows escape of the fluid even in partially open condition. A complete disconnecting of the union is not required.

Therefore the Weinhold® steam union is a very safe fitting, when the fluid steam is involved. Due to the multitude of possible materials, sizes and construction types – customized to diverse customer needs, it may serve for a variety of purposes. Furthermore it permits easy and reasonable handling and achieves absolute leak-tightness.