WE-ER® Two-jaw Band Fittings

WE-ER® two-jaw band fittings are designed further to the chemical industry’s request for hose fittings, being - for safety reasons - exclusively clamped in hose workshops. They have been developed according to the particular requirements of the chemical industry for the binding of steam hoses following DIN 2826 standard (Hose fittings with clamp holder for steam and hot water).

The WE-ER® two-jaw band fitting consists of a hose nozzle, two clamping jaws, a pressure absorption ring and a sleeve. Assembly is performed by means of a vise and matching special jaws for the connection. After cutting the steam hose to the desired length, sleeve and pressure absorption ring are to be slid onto the hose, followed by inserting the nozzle into the hose. Then the clamping jaws are to be fitted and squeezed  together by means of the vise, thus allowing to slide the sleeve over in a last step. Assembly is simple and fast and results in essential cost savings. A screw tightening is not required, therefore screwing tools are redundant. Assembly errors resulting from insufficient contact pressure or uneven screw-tightening do not occur. The pressure absorption ring serves to center the clamping jaws during assembly, and correct pressure depth is guaranteed after sliding the sleeve over them.

Hose connection piece (nozzle) and sleeve are made of galvanised steel, clamping jaws of brass and pressure absorption ring of stainless steel. Depending on the fluid involved sealing rings are made of perbunan, viton or other material. Customized material requirements for all parts can be fulfilled.

In place of the standard sleeve also a slightly longer anti-kink sleeve can be provided, which prevents kinking of the hose. Apart from the possibility of self-binding, a supply of complete hose assemblies including WE-ER® two-jaw band fittings is available.