WE-ER® Spiral Hose Coupling

The WE-ER® spiral hose coupling serves to connect suction and conveying hoses to apparatuses and stations. It consists of a hose nozzle with sealing ring and a hose clamp. When mounting the spiral hose  is to be slid onto the nozzle. By laying the clamp around and closing it the hose is locked in position on the nozzle. The other nozzle end has a connection such as internal or external thread or welding end, which is to be connected to the respective apparatus or station. The hose clamp is made of plastic material and has a spiral-shaped recess on the inside corresponding to that of the hose, which presses against the hose when closing. The perbunan sealing ring on the nozzle prevents a fluid leak-out. Depending on particular application requirements the nozzle can be supplied in galvanised steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal.

Reusability, easy and quick assembly and disassembly without additional tools as well as high leak-tightness make the WE-ER® spiral hose coupling an attractive connection element. When using the WE-ER® spiral hose coupling, it is important that spiral leads of hose and clamp match.