WE-ER® Plug-type Hose Connection

The WE-ER® plug-type hose connection serves to join compressed air, water and gas hoses to diverse apparatuses. It consists of three components: plug nozzle, connection piece and clamp attached to connection piece. For mounting the nozzle is to be pushed into the hose. The threaded connection piece is screwed on to the respective apparatus. Then the plug nozzle is inserted into the other connection piece end. By laying the clamp around and moving the tension lever the connection is completed. The clamp ties in the hose on the one end, the hose concurrently functioning as seal. On the other end the clamp fixes the plug nozzle axially in the threaded connection piece.

The WE-ER® plug-type hose connection provides easy removal of the connection even after long operating periods. Standard executions comprise components made of galvanised carbon steel, on demand they might be available partially also in other materials such as stainless steel or brass.

Apart from excellent protection against corrosion WE-ER® plug-type hose connections distinguish themselves by quick coupling and easy disassembly even after long operating periods as well as high leak-tightness in continuous operation.