WE-ER® Pipe Coupling

The WE-ER® pipe coupling form A consists of 2 coupling parts plus clamp and sealing ring. Depending on execution, pipe coupling parts are either welded onto the pipes (or metal hoses) or screwed on, then fitted into one another for coupling and connected by laying the clamp around.

The WE-ER® pipe coupling form B consists of 3 parts, a flange with sealing ring and a second flange with sealing ring and sliding sleeve. When coupling the flange parts are pushed to face each other and connected by means of the sliding socket and then laying the clamp around. Form B mainly is used, where an axial pipe removal - e.g. for lack of space - is impossible.

Both construction types have an axial sealing providing absolute leak-tightness. The clamp holds the coupling parts together axially. By means of spring and tension lever the clamp can be mounted quickly and easily.

Coupling parts and clamps are made of electro-zinc plated steel and thus well-protected against corrosion; on demand and depending on application, the pipe coupling parts are also available in stainless steel. The WE-ER® pipe coupling also may have different connections: welding ends, inside/outside threads or cone sockets. Choice of sealing ring material depends on fluid; e.g. perbunan or viton. The pipe coupling is available from size of DN 8. From a size of DN 200 our WE-ER® pipe coupling for large nominal widths can be supplied.

The WE-ER® pipe coupling can be used in low and high pressure sectors.

With the well thought-out design of the WE-ER® pipe coupling lots of advantages have been achieved: The coupling produces no cross-section area reduction in relation to the pipeline, thus avoiding flow losses. The solid design of the coupling is also adapted for heavy-duty operations.

The easy and quick assembly and disassembly without use of additional tools may result in essential savings of labour cost.