WE-ER® Pipe Coupling for large nominal widths

The WE-ER® pipe coupling for large nominal widths is a further development of WE-ER® pipe coupling. It serves to connect pipes and hoses of nominal diameters from DN 200 and up to 120 bar. Possible application fields are to be found e.g. in steel mills, chemical plants, plant engineering companies and lignite surface mining.

Alike the WE-ER® pipe coupling it is available in 2 construction types: form A and form B. Form A consists of two coupling parts plus drop-forged material clamp and sealing ring. Form B consists of one flange with sealing ring and a second flange with sealing ring and sliding sleeve as well as a drop-forged material clamp. The flanges have to be welded onto the pipe ends first. In case of form A they are to be pushed together and fixed by the clamp; in case of form B the flanges are to be pushed to face each other and fixed by pushing the sliding sleeve over and laying the clamp around.

Assembly is easy, dast and user-friendly, which makes this pipe coupling particularly recommendable for a quick laying and connecting of pipelines. The use of a drop-forged material clamp makes the application at relatively high pressure strains possible, to which large nominal widths are often exposed to. Safety screws on the clamp prevent from unintentional opening. The spring only serves as mounting support.

Standard executions of coupling parts and clamp are made of galvanised steel. Other material executions are available on demand. Depending on operating conditions (fluid, temperature, pressure) sealing rings made of perbunan or viton are used.