WE-ER® High-pressure Pipe Coupling

The WE-ER® high-pressure pipe coupling form A welded onto face hydraulic or paste pipes provides rapid pipe connections without use of additional tools.

The WE-ER® high-pressure pipe coupling consists of two flanges – one with sealing ring and sealing seat, the other with sealing seat on the inside. For assembly the flanges are to be slid into one another, a fitting bevel preventing the O-ring from being damaged. Then the WE-ER® pipe coupling clamp is to be laid around the ring collars of the flanges, thus combining them axially. By engaging the spring and shifting the tension lever, the connection is closed; due to the high pressures involved it is important to further insert a safety split pin into the extra-made boreholes. This protects against unintended opening of the connection by reversing the tension lever. From nominal widths of DN 60 a stainless steel safety screw is used.

Sealing is performed by an O-ring made of perbunan, ensuring absolute leak-tightness of the connection, even in case of a slight bending. The pipe coupling clamp has no sealing function, but holds the parts together and takes up axial pressure. Due to the high pressures the clamp is made of drop-forged material with stainless steel screws.

Mounting of the WE-ER® high-pressure pipe coupling performs very easily and quickly. The coupling is immediately reliably leak-tight and no retightening is required. A further advantage is that the clamp has no loose parts (except safety pin or screw), which may get lost underground. A clamp execution fixed to the coupling is also available.

Both mounting and disassembly of WE-ER® high-pressure pipelines are extremely easy. Even after long operation periods a problem-free underground exploitation is ensured.

Apart from pipelines a variety of fittings and adaptors in the respective nominal widths can be supplied. WE-ER® high-pressure pipelines are hot-dip galvanised and designed for pressures from 320 up to 500 bar. They can be supplied in nominal widths from DN 40 up to DN 150. Prior to delivery each single pipe and adapting piece undergoes a pressure test of 1.5 times of operation pressure.

An alternative to the clamp-type WE-ER® high-pressure pipe coupling is the WE-ER® high-pressure screw-type pipe coupling.