WE-ER® High-pressure Screw-type Pipe Coupling

The WE-ER® high-pressure screw-type pipe coupling provides rapid high-pressure pipe connections without use of additional tools. It consists of three major parts: sealing head with perbunan O-ring and union nut and external threaded piece with sealing seat on the inside. Two additional sealing rings protect the whole threaded area against environmental influences.

For joining the pipes you push the sealing head into the threaded piece, following you screw the union nut on until the borehole for taking up the safety split pin is clear. For final protection against unintended unscrewing the safety split pin is to be inserted. Striking tools during assembly are redundant, due to the conical thread with cylindrical run-out of threaded piece and union nut. This permits an easy fastening and unscrewing of the connection by hand. Due to the absence of striking tools no noxious high-frequency noise emissions occur.

A retightening after screwing the union nut on is redundant. When the split pin has been inserted, the correct position of the union nut is guaranteed; thus ensuring operating safety.

Due to their conical shape the threads move apart both axially and radially during unscrewing. This permits easy detaching fo the connection even after long operating periods.

Owing to the setting of the sealing ring inside the slide fit, a problem-free detaching of the union nut is provided even in a distorted and tense state.

Grooves inside the sealing seat greased with lubricants prevent from rapid corrosion.

Apart from pipelines a variety of fittings and adaptors in the respective nominal widths can be supplied. WE-ER® high-pressure pipelines are hot-dip galvanised and designed for pressures from 320 up to 500 bar. They can be supplied in nominal widths from DN 25 up to DN 150. Prior to delivery each single pipe and adapting piece undergoes a pressure test of 1.5 times of operation pressure.

An alternative to the WE-ER® high-pressure screw-type pipe coupling is the clamp-type WE-ER® high-pressure pipe coupling.