Weinhold® Flanged Joint (Divided Flange)

The Weinhold® flanged joint consists of two symmetrical halves made of drop-forged material. A hot galvanisation guarantees an excellent protection against corrosion. For mounting the flange halves are to be plugged together and pushed towards the pipe collars. Then the flange halves and welding flange are to be bolted together, thus making up an inherently stable connection in axial direction. As assembly aid a stabilisation staple can be fitted, thus a sticking together of the flange halves by hand is superfluous during further assembly.

The divided flange proves to be advantageous, when a pipeline has to pass narrow openings, which is possible due to their small annular collars unlike fixed flanges. After putting the pipe through, the divided flange is to be mounted. The use of O-rings between collar and flange respectively between two collars results in essential cuts of contact pressure, thus allowing an assembly without torque wrench. Essential cost savings are provided due to the use of divided flanges for instance in case of stainless steel pipes. Only the small annular collar of the welding flange has to be in stainless steel, the larger flanges are of cheaper drop-forged material. Also transport cost savings may be achieved: the smaller annular collars result in lower pipe dimensioning to gain higher packing density. Furthermore lower weight of the pipes without common large fixed flanges reduces the risk of accidents during transport and handling.