Weinhold® Steam Pistol

The Weinhold® steam pistol combines a high technological standard with high safety requirements, when the fluid steam is involved.

Application fields are spraying off and cleaning of boilers, installation units and hall floors as well as thawing of pipes on outdoor equipment. The Weinhold® steam pistol can be used at operating temperatures up to 180°C, shortly up to 210°C, and pressures up to 10 bar.

The fluid enters the steam pistol through a hose and a hose connector attached to the steam pistol (WE-ER® hose fitting, WE-ER® pipe coupling, Weinhold® steam union). Inside the pistol the medium is diverted and enters the jet pipe through a stop valve, before exhausting through the nozzle.

The Weinhold® steam pistol is equipped with a trigger to reduce opening force. When releasing the trigger, the pistol will be automatically shut, thus preventing unintentional escape of steam and resulting accidents. Special thermal insulations on the pistol (perforated stainless steel sheet and thermal plastic bridges) and on the jet pipe eliminate the risk of burns.

The Weinhold® steam pistol is held by the handle, which can be easily adapted for the use of left-handers.

According to application purposes different nozzle types are available: circular nozzles, flat jet cleaning nozzles, multi-hole nozzles and rotating nozzles. It is also possible to mount the nozzle directly on the pistol without jet pipe. Nearly all parts of the steam pistol are made of stainless steel, main seals are made of glass-fiber reinforced PTFE.

To prevent the hose from distorting and squeezing, the standard execution of the Weinhold® steam pistol is equipped with the Weinhold®  rotary device between pistol and connection coupling. The Weinhold®  rotary device is also available separately. The Weinhold® steam pistol is often used in combination with a Weinhold® steam valve.