WE-ER® Filter Equipment

The WE-ER® filter equipment prevents dirt particles in pipelines to enter subsequent fittings such as shut-off valves with harmful effects. It consists of housing and filter cartridge. The housing to be mounted on to the pipeline for permanent stay can be equipped with the respective connections such as inside or outside threads. The filter cartridge is inside the housing. By loosening a screw or a Seeger cir-clip ring the cartridge can be removed from the housing and thus exchanged easily. Only a short operation stop is required.

The housing is available in malleable cast iron, brass or stainless, the filter cartridge is made of stainless steel plate or galvanised carbon steel plate, the supporting center of the cartridge is made of brass. The WE-ER® filter equipment can also be supplied in combination with Weinhold® compressed air valves or Weinhold® steam valves.

The easy cartridge replacement only requires a short pipeline stop, which makes up the high economic attractiveness of the WE-ER® filter equipment.