WE-ER® Pipe Filter Unit

The WE-ER® pipe filter unit serves for elimination of coarse contaminants such as tinder or silt from pipelines. Its particular design allows an easy and unproblematic integration even into existing pipelines. The actual filter unit is inside the filter and consists of a solid filtering basket with an inward strainer. By choice of a corresponding filter mesh the filtration grade can be adjusted to individual needs. A clamp provides easy opening of the filter unit for cleaning purposes or exchange of the strainer. The elongated design of the filter unit decreases any interferences in fluid flux.

The WE-ER® pipe filter unit can be designed according to specific customer needs – with regard to length, positioning and quantity of outlets (discharge taps), inlet and outlet connection elements, concentric or (in order to avoid residues) excentric designs, filter length proper to flow rate and material appropriate to fluid (e.g. galvanised carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel).