Weinhold® Steam Valve

The Weinhold® steam valve is suitable for hot water and wet steam applications, but applicable for other fluids such as air, nitrogen and water as well. The design of the Weinhold® steam valve and numerous variants grant high safety, when working with steam, and multi-purpose applications; customized to diverse customer needs.

The pressure release of the Weinhold® steam valve releases the pressure reverse side , when shutting the valve, thus permitting a safe opening of this side. The pressure release is available with either stainless steel capillary tube or cutting ring union.

Housing and special ball are made of stainless steel, thrust ring of  brass and further components of galvanised steel. Alternatively complete stainless steel executions (except brass thrust ring) are available. Sealing rings are made of viton and main seals with glass-fiber reinforced PTFE with stainless steel covering. The ball rests on two bearings, the shut-off lever is removable by 180°, thus allowing easy operation, even if space is tight. Inlet and outlet connections of the valve are up to your choice. WE-ER® hose fitting, Weinhold® steam union or WE-ER® pipe coupling can be used. Also a WE-ER® hose fitting according to VCI standard is available. To avoid opening during operation, the WE-ER® hose fitting can also be used in an immovable execution.

The inlet side often has a flange DN 20 or DN 25. But also internal or outside threads are possible. The Weinhold® steam valve is designed for a max. pressure of 16 bar, an operation temperature up to 180°C, temporarily 210°C. A special type allows applications up to 235°C.

The Weinhold® steam valve can also be supplied with a prolonged cover around the shaft (mostly in combination with a prolongation of the outlet side) for particular isolation requirements. It can also be equipped with a lever stop, to prevent the valve from unintentional opening.