Weinhold® Steam Valve with Scavenging Function

Functioning, components and connection types of  the Weinhold® steam valve with scavenging function are nearly identical with that of  Weinhold® steam valve. In addition there is another function: scavenging and drying of the pressure reverse side. Apart from positions “shut” and “open” the lever can be shifted to a third position: “scavenging”.  After shutting the third position can be shifted. The subsequent air scavenging of the pressure reverse side via an additional connection may start. After completion the lever is to be removed to position “shut”. A lever stop protects the valve against unintentional opening and scavenging.

Housing, special ball chick and chamber are made of stainless steel, the ball chick obtaining an additional surface finish; furthermore an extra brass back-up ring is mounted. Sealing rings are made of viton, main seals of glass-fiber reinforced PTFE with stainless steel covering. Available connections are those of Weinhold® steam valve, the additional scavenging connection is provided with an internal thread G 3/8 and an inside diameter of 8 mm. Thus the Weinhold® steam valve with scavenging function matches high technical requirements and a multitude of applications with high safety demands.