Weinhold® Compressed Air Valve

The Weinhold® compressed air valve is equipped with a pressure release, being automatically activated, when the valve is shut, and releasing quickly due to the specially designed large cross-sectional area. The ball is equipped with O-rings granting high leak-tightness and easy handling. No greasing is required. The long tap lever also allows easy operation.

The Weinhold® compressed air valve can be equipped with a variety of  inlet and outlet connections, customized to diverse customer needs, such as inside and outside threads, flanges, WE-ER® hose fittings, WE-ER® pipe couplings as well as claw-couplings or bulkhead unions.

Due to its galvanic zinc-coating the Weinhold® compressed air valve is well-protected against corrosion.

In addition to single valve executions we can also provide you with twin-valve executions (one inlet and two outlets) of the Weinhold® compressed air valve. It can also be supplied without pressure release and used for other fluids such as water or steam.