The Weinhold® Steam throttle

The Weinhold® steam throttle is used to throttle back the steam flow volume in steam line systems. The steam throttle provides dosing of the steam volume, thus avoiding pressure peaks and resultant temperature peaks. So the Weinhold® steam throttle offers excellent protection of seals and mechanical parts of succeeding equipment such as the Weinhold® steam valve. It is suitable for applications up to a maximum working pressure of 16 bar and an operating temperature of 180°C, temporarily up to 210°C.

The throttling effect is produced by turning the outside part. With that the bore is shifted towards the inside flow passage in off-centre direction, thus resulting in a cross section reduction. But the Weinhold® steam throttle is no shutting element; even in minimum flow cross-section position some creeping steam may escape.

The Weinhold® steam throttle is a solid and compact unity, which can be easily manipulated by hand. No additional tools are required. Its high leak-tightness prevents steam losses on the one hand and provides increased safety. By avoiding steam escapes, burns and scalds are prevented. To provide an even higher protection, the steam throttle is equipped with an additional thermal insulation cover on the outside.

The parts cannot be turned apart totally, thus preventing an unwelcome falling apart of the whole throttle. An outside scale allows to adjust the passage opening continuously.