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Steel industry

We have also been a supplier to the steel industry for many years. Many well-known steelworks including electric-arc steelworks are among our customers. Above all, WE-ER® Pipe Couplings and WE-ER® Hose Fittings as well as Weinhold air valves are used. WE-ER® Oxyacetylene Fittings are used for oxy-fuel welding. These are also often supplied to the steel processing industry.

Plant industry

Many companies in the plant industry are among our customers. Our products such as the WE-ER® Pipe Coupling, WE-ER® Piping Systems, WE-ER® Hose Fittings and stainless steel corrugated hoses with WE-ER® Pipe Couplings are installed in systems in industries such as  chemicals and steel.

General industry

Ultimately, we supply a large number of industrial companies. Our products can be used wherever liquids, gases, air or granules are piped. For decades we have also been a supplier to many companies in general industry such as the metalworking and plastics processing industries.

Power plant industry

In the power plant industry, our customers are primarily coal-fired power plants. To these we supply WE-ER® Hose Fittings, Weinhold® Compressed Air Valves and WE-ER® Pipe Systems with WE-ER® Pipe Couplings.

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