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Geschmolzenes Metall in der Gießerei

Our products:
Customer-tailored with technical advantages and high quality

We manufacture and sell self-developed products under the WE-ER and Weinhold brand names. Our products offer numerous technical advantages such as ease of use, leak-free operation, safety and reusability. They can be specially tailored to customer requirements, for example through design, choice of connections and choice of material. We supply both standard variants and customer-specific solutions. Our quality management system ensures the consistent high quality of our products and processes.

Here we present our product portfolio - and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hose Fittings

WE-ER® Hose Fittings
WE-ER® Quick-Clamp Couplings for Oxyacetylene Hoses 
Dry-Break WE-ER® Hose Fitting
Weinhold® Steam Union 
WE-ER® Twin-jaw Band Fittings
WE-ER® Helix Hose Coupling 
WE-ER® Hose Systems
WE-ER® Fittings for maximum pressure hoses (WE-ER® plug-type coupling) 
WE-ER® Plug-type Hose Connection

Pipe Couplings
WE-ER® Pipe Coupling
WE-ER® Pipe Coupling for large nominal widths
WE-ER® High-pressure Pipe Coupling
WE-ER® High-pressure Screw-type Pipe Coupling
WE-ER® High-Pressure Combination Coupling
WE-ER® Construction Material Pipe Coupling
WE-ER® Piping System
WE-ER® Pipe Coupling with WE-ER® Safety Clamp
Weinhold® Flanged Joint (Divided Flange)
WE-ER® Pipe in Pipe Coupling



Weinhold® Compressed Air Valve
Weinhold® Steam Valve
Weinhold® Steam Valve with Scavenging Function
Weinhold® Steam Restrictor

Clean and Filter

Weinhold® Steam Pistol
WE-ER® Filter Equipment
WE-ER® Pipe Filter Unit

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