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Hose Fittings

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Hose Fittings

Depending on their design, WE-ER® hose fittings can be used for connecting hoses with hoses as well as for connecting hoses to stations or machinery. They are suitable for compressed air, water and gas applications. A separate hose binding is not required. Hose assembly can be done quickly and easily without additional tools. The hose being simply slipped on the fitting, bracing is performed by the clamp. The spring tension is rated in a way providing a perfect leak-proof clamping. No additional sealing is required, as – by means of clamping – the hoses themselves function as seals. In the unlikely event that a hose tears off, the risk of injuries is low, as there are no steel parts attached to the undone hose end. Sealing is done radially by the hose itself, thus preventing leakages that often occur on front-end seals. There are no pressure losses on the coupling, thus resulting in significant cost savings during operation. Due to the rationalisation effect resulting from easy handling and perfect sealing, considerable savings in labour and operational running cost can be achieved.

WE-ER®Quick-Clamp Couplings

for Oxyacetylene Hoses

For connecting hoses or for attaching hoses to devices or machines for oxyacetylene welding. These are an addition to the range of WE-ER® Hose Fittings and are identical in their basic operation. They have been specially designed to meet the requirements of hoses for oxy-fuel welding and are available for oxygen hoses with an internal diameter of 6 mm and acetylene hoses with an internal diameter of 9 mm. They are available as connection couplings - for example with internal or external threads, with a barbed connector and union nut, or as linking couplings for identical hoses. In addition, many other variants are possible. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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Steam Union 

The Weinhold® steam union has been developed particularly for steam applications, but can of course also be used for other fluids. It typically serves as connection coupling on Weinhold® steam valves or Weinhold® steam pistols and is suitable for temperatures up to 210°C. The Weinhold® steam union is equipped with a cylindrical sealing seat including a radial seal, preventing the escape of steam in case the connection slightly loosens, which is the risk of front-side seals; thus reducing the risk of burns to the operators. The union consists of three parts: threaded piece, sealing head and union nut. The actual screw-joint has a conical thread that absorbs the axial pressure and ensures easy handling by hand. A protection against torsions on the inner parts and the union nut friction ring protects against self-loosening of the connection due to torsion forces. Depending on particular applications of the customer, the three coupling parts are available in a variety of materials, e.g. stainless steel, carbon steel or non-ferrous metals. Material of sealing rings corresponds to fluid and operating conditions, for steam applications viton sealing rings are mounted. The Weinhold® steam union can be supplied with diverse connections such as flanges, internal and external threads and welding ends. In order to mount them to hoses, we particularly recommend our WE-ER® hose fitting or our WE-ER® two-jaw band fitting. Dust caps made of plastic material or stainless steel are available for thread protection or closing purposes in open condition. Shutting and reversal pieces complement the offer range. A variant with pressure release allows escape of the fluid even in partially open condition. A complete disconnecting of the union is not required. Therefore the Weinhold® steam union is a very safe fitting, when the fluid steam is involved. Due to the multitude of possible materials, sizes and construction types – customized to diverse customer needs, it may serve for a variety of purposes. Furthermore it permits easy and reasonable handling and achieves absolute leak-tightness.

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Two-jaw Band Fittings

WE-ER® two-jaw band fittings are designed further to the chemical industry’s request for hose fittings, being - for safety reasons - exclusively clamped in hose workshops. They have been developed according to the particular requirements of the chemical industry for the binding of steam hoses following DIN 2826 standard (Hose fittings with clamp holder for steam and hot water). The WE-ER® two-jaw band fitting consists of a hose nozzle, two clamping jaws, a pressure absorption ring and a sleeve. Assembly is performed by means of a vise and matching special jaws for the connection. After cutting the steam hose to the desired length, sleeve and pressure absorption ring are to be slid onto the hose, followed by inserting the nozzle into the hose. Then the clamping jaws are to be fitted and squeezed together by means of the vise, thus allowing to slide the sleeve over in a last step. Assembly is simple and fast and results in essential cost savings. A screw tightening is not required, therefore screwing tools are redundant. Assembly errors resulting from insufficient contact pressure or uneven screw-tightening do not occur. The pressure absorption ring serves to center the clamping jaws during assembly, and correct pressure depth is guaranteed after sliding the sleeve over them. Hose connection piece (nozzle) and sleeve are made of galvanised steel, clamping jaws of brass and pressure absorption ring of stainless steel. Depending on the fluid involved sealing rings are made of perbunan, viton or other material. Customized material requirements for all parts can be fulfilled. In place of the standard sleeve also a slightly longer anti-kink sleeve can be provided, which prevents kinking of the hose. Apart from the possibility of self-binding, a supply of complete hose assemblies including WE-ER® two-jaw band fittings is available.

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Spiral Hose Coupling 

The WE-ER® spiral hose coupling serves to connect suction and conveying hoses to apparatuses and stations. It consists of a hose nozzle with sealing ring and a hose clamp. When mounting the spiral hose is to be slid onto the nozzle. By laying the clamp around and closing it the hose is locked in position on the nozzle. The other nozzle end has a connection such as internal or external thread or welding end, which is to be connected to the respective apparatus or station. The hose clamp is made of plastic material and has a spiral-shaped recess on the inside corresponding to that of the hose, which presses against the hose when closing. The perbunan sealing ring on the nozzle prevents a fluid leak-out. Depending on particular application requirements the nozzle can be supplied in galvanised steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal. Reusability, easy and quick assembly and disassembly without additional tools as well as high leak-tightness make the WE-ER® spiral hose coupling an attractive connection element. When using the WE-ER® spiral hose coupling, it is important that spiral leads of hose and clamp match.

Dry-Break WE-ER®

Hose Fitting

Prevents fluid spillage. The Dry-Break WE-ER® Hose Fitting is a further development of the WE-ER® Hose Fitting, which, in addition to connecting hoses, has a self-closing mechanism which prevents fluid from running out after the hose has been uncoupled. Assembly is quick and easy: The hose is pushed onto the fitting and fixed with the clamp. When coupled, the flow is opened. When the hose is uncoupled the flow is closed off, preventing fluid from escaping. It should be noted that this is not a shut-off device, the fitting is only designed to prevent any residual fluid from escaping from devices that have already been turned off. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Hose Systems

Our couplings can also be supplied with suitable hoses. These include, for example: Stainless steel corrugated hoses with welded-on WE-ER® Pipe Coupling Stainless steel corrugated hoses with heat shield and welded-on WE-ER® Pipe Coupling Steam hoses fitted with the Weinhold® Screw-Type Steam Coupling Mining hoses fitted with WE-ER® Hose Fittings Helix Hoses with WE-ER® Helix Hose Coupling Extreme-pressure hoses and hydraulic hoses with crimped-on WE-ER® Extreme-Pressure Hose Fitting We are able to pressure-test these hoses and issue test certificates. Of course, we can also test, certify and if necessary repair used hoses. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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WE-ER® Fittings for maximum pressure hoses (WE-ER® plug-type coupling) 

Depending on pressure resistance of the hoses applied, WE-ER® fittings for maximum pressure hoses can be used for operation pressures of more than 200 bar. It comprises three components: plug nipple with hose clamping piece, inner part with attached clamp; the hose being firmly joined to the plug nipple by the clamping piece. Pushing the plug nipple onto the sliding fit of the inner part and subsequent laying around of the clamp results in a leak-proof and safe connection. A suitable sealing ring (O-ring) achieves the leak-tightness required. In case of particularly high strains an additional back-up ring can be included on demand. The clamp engages both parts in axial direction; its spring tension has been calculated to prevent the clamp from re-opening during operation. The inner part has a sliding fit on one side and a connection piece such as inside and outside threads, cutting ring cone or hose plug piece on the other. A retaining ring holds the clamp on the inner part of the coupling, thus preventing its loss on the one hand and permitting an easy replacement in wear cases. Complete maximum pressure hose assemblies can also be supplied. Its compact construction makes the coupling appropriate even for heavy-duty operation, quick coupling and demounting result in considerable labour cost savings. There are no loose parts that might get lost and no additional tools are required for assembly. By choice of construction type like connection type, material and sealing ring the coupling can be customized to particular requirements and used for multi-purpose applications.

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Plug-type Hose Connection

The WE-ER® plug-type hose connection serves to join compressed air, water and gas hoses to diverse apparatuses. It consists of three components: plug nozzle, connection piece and clamp attached to connection piece. For mounting the nozzle is to be pushed into the hose. The threaded connection piece is screwed on to the respective apparatus. Then the plug nozzle is inserted into the other connection piece end. By laying the clamp around and moving the tension lever the connection is completed. The clamp ties in the hose on the one end, the hose concurrently functioning as seal. On the other end the clamp fixes the plug nozzle axially in the threaded connection piece. The WE-ER® plug-type hose connection provides easy removal of the connection even after long operating periods. Standard executions comprise components made of galvanised carbon steel, on demand they might be available partially also in other materials such as stainless steel or brass. Apart from excellent protection against corrosion WE-ER® plug-type hose connections distinguish themselves by quick coupling and easy disassembly even after long operating periods as well as high leak-tightness in continuous operation.

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